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While treating morbid obesity with an option of bariatric surgery, the aim of undergoing the surgery is substantial and sustained weight loss, control of comorbidities and improvement in quality of life.
However, in some cases the results may not last long, may not be successful, or development of some complications.

These patients are likely to require revision bariatric surgery.

Revision bariatric surgery is the surgery performed in patients who had their bariatric surgeries earlier and was unsuccessful because of any of the following conditions:

1. Failure of primary surgery.

   * Inadequate weight loss
   * Weight regain
   * Poor/no control of comorbidities.

The reasons of failure may be :-
   * Non-compliance from patient
   * Improper selection of surgery
   * Staged approach.

2. Post-surgical medical/surgical complications

After primary consultation with proper evaluation of the case along with all the tests, the team of doctors will decide the need of revision surgery and type of revision.

During counseling session, the reasons of failure, complication, type of revision, risk involved in the revision, care to be taken after revision and expected outcome are to be discussed with special consent.


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