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This surgery is an unique of it’s kind as it is more of metabolic along with bariatric in nature. This surgery has earned name as a operation to cure diabetes even in case of normal person (non- obese).
After first consultation with proper evaluation of the case including all the possible tests, the team of expert doctors will decide the requirement of the surgery, type of procedure (sub type) based on chances of cure/control of diabetes.

Ileal Interposition (II), Ileal Interposition in combination with Sleeve Gastrectomy (IISG) and Diverted Sleeve Gastrectomy (IIDSG) are various subtypes of this procedure.
A long Segment of last part of small bowel (Ileum) is cut & joined very close to the stomach. Undigested food now first enters Ileum to stimulate increased secretion of Incretin (gut) Hormone called GLP-1, which in tern stimulates Beta cells in pancreas to secrete increase amounts of Insulin, provided enough Beta Cell mass is still present in pancreas. Persistent increased GLP-1 secretion increases Beta Cell mass in the long term.

It does not lead to malabsorption.
After care:
Patient has to follow special diet protocol

There will be close monitoring of the blood sugar levels and change in the medicines for the diabetes. The blood sugar levels will return toward normal level and gradual withdrawal of medical support is necessary.
Follow up check ups including blood tests are advisable till person becomes euglycemic.


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