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This is a newer technique for treatment of obesity, in which, a balloon is placed into the stomach and this occupies a considerable portion of the stomach. There isn’t a need of proper surgery in this process. The balloon can be introduced into the patient’s stomach orally, through mouth, with the help of endoscope. The procedure requires the specialist to insert the endoscopic camera (gastroscope) within the stomach. In the absence of abnormalities, the balloon is placed in stomach. Once the balloon reaches the destination, it is filled with a sterile saline solution. This solution is filled through a miniature tube that is attached to this balloon. Once filled, the tube is extracted gently, leaving the balloon to rest where it has been placed.

Test your eligibility for Gastric Balloon Procedure:

  • Ideal for those who have 10-30 kgs of weight to lose
  • Ideal for individuals having BMI 27 or more
  • Person should be physically active to maintain the weight loss

The balloon can be placed in the stomach for a period of 6 months. After this duration, it is mandatory to removed it.


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