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GABP Ring Implant

Gastric ring implant is a ring/band which is to be placed around the stomach sleeve/pouch to control the future increase in stomach reservoir after sleeve gastrectomy / gastric bypass surgery.

Over a period of time gastric sleeve/pouch increase its capacity by undergo dilatation, this result into inadequate weight loss or weight regain even after establish procedure laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. To make these surgeries more effective an durable gastric ring implant is to be used. This implant prevents dilatation and restrict the size of stomach reservoir.

  • Advantages of Gastric Ring Implant
    It helps to achieve targeted weight loss.
    It protects from possible weight regain.
    It reduces dumping.
    It offers uniform Gastric outlet size for all patients.
  • Disadvantages of GABP Ring Implant
    It increase overall cost of treatment.
    1% chances of stomach erosion.


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