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It is very well established in modern medical science that Bariatric surgery is the only option to treat morbid obesity.

This surgery does not only help to achieve substantial and sustained weight loss but also it helps to cure/improve obesity related medical problems.

This surgery is indicate when BMI is more than 35 with or without Comorbidities like T2 Diabetes and can be considered even at lower BMI if it is associated with important comorbidities.

Bariatric surgery: Bariatric surgery was started with open method but now it is being performed with the help of laparoscopic method.

This surgery has become possible to perform with highest standards of safety because of availability of advanced laparoscopic camera, sophisticated anesthesia equipment, intestinal staplers, advanced medicines, facility to provide state of the art ICU care and experience of the team.

This surgery consists of modification in the alimentary tract in the form of reducing stomach capacity and bypassing various segments of small intestines. These changes in the alimentary tract induces control of food(calories) intake through structural and hormonal changes.

FAQs related to bariatric surgery will give further information.

  • (Q) How much time it takes to perform surgery?
    (A) It depends on the type of surgery but usually it takes 40 min to 150 min.
  • (Q) How the recovery would be after surgery?
    (A) All the patients will be kept in the ICU for 3-4 hours. If recovery is up to the mark, majority of patients can start walking in ICU itself. They will walk down to their rooms with out using stretcher or wheel chair. Internal recovery will be confirmed by doing contrast x ray on next day morning. If internal healing is proper, patients will be allowed to drink clear liquids sip by sip. If patient is alright and could drink adequate quantity of liquids without any problem, can be discharged.
  • (Q) What would be hospital stay?
    (A) It would be ranging from 2 to 5 days.
  • (Q) What type of care patients have to take after going back to home?
    (A) The team of nutritionist will explain about “Life after Surgery” in detail before discharge. The diet protocol along with the type of exercise they can dowill be explained. The information regarding medication and supplementation will be given.
  • (Q) Regarding follow up care
    (A) All the patients are explained about follow up protocol to be observed to get optimum out come of surgery. Follow up can be done by seeing the follow up team or through phone, email.
  • (Q) How many days, patient have to take rest?
    (A) No need to take rest after surgery. Patients are advised to resume all routine as early as they can do. Usually the down time would not more than 7 days.


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