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Just like any other disease, Obesity also needs to be treated and it can be done at any stage. Being one of the leading obesity treatment and surgery centre in India, we offer our patients a treatment with holistic approach. It is very important for the patient and his family to understand that obesity affects mind, body and spirit; unlike other diseases. Thus a committed, enduring and all round treatment must be addressed. A surgery is only a part of this life altering journey. There is a lot of counselling, medications, diet plans, post-surgery follow ups that are involved for a long term success of a surgery. Asian Bariatrics ensures, that every patient gets relaxing environment to recover. Not only during the stay of the patient, but have carried out timely follow-ups even years after they leave. A patient's diet plan and lifestyle activities are closely followed upon so that he does not face same health issues again.

People whose BMI is between, 23.5-27.5 are classified as overweight. If measures to curb this over-weight are not taken in time, a person can easily slip to being obese. A balance of nutritional diet can help them. If your BMI is between, 27.5 - 32.5, you fall into Grade I Obesity category.

This is borderline stage where you need to be extremely careful. Gastric Banding and Sleeve Gastrectomy prove helpful with such patients.

Grade II Obesity brings along co-morbidities diseases like hypertension, cardiac problems, joint pain, Type II Diabetes. Before this goes to become a case of morbid obesity, it is important to conduct reversal actions. With BMI beyond 37.5, most patients are bedridden; the diets and exercising hardly given any results. Surgery is the only way out.

Thus, it is not necessary that every over-weight person needs surgery. If you have any questions regarding your weight condition or lifestyle habits, you are not alone. Contact us for a counselling session in order to understand your condition better.

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