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How to calculate that I am Fat?

Fat is medical terminology is known as obese and in order to know whether you are obese or not, The formula weight(kg)/ height(m2) will give the value of Body Mass Index(BMI). It is said to be normal weight if BMI ranges between 18-25 kg/ m2. It is said to be overweight if it ranges from 25-35 kg/ m2 and obese if more than 35 kg/ m2.

How does weight loss surgery help to reduce excess weight?

Structural change in digestive system and hunger related hormonal control after surgery will help to get satisfaction even after ingestion of less amount of food. The restricted calories intake with on going calories expenditure by doing day to day activity and exercise will help to reduce excess weight.

How effective is weight loss surgery?

The total weight loss depends on the type of surgery anywhere from 36% to 90% of your Excess Body Weight (EBW). According to the clinical study, it has been observed that post-surgery, most patients lose weight rapidly and continue with it for 18 to 24 months after the procedure. The surgery enables the patient to get rid of excess weight in the first 6 months, and 77% as early as 12 months after surgery. According to other studies, patients can easily maintain 50 – 60% loss of excess weight after surgery in 10-14 years.

What is Laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is a surgery in which a unique medical instrument is used named laparoscopic camera which captures the pictures of the abdominal cavity according to which surgery takes place.In this surgery, there is no long cut is required, with small button holes on abdomen the surgery gets complete and after 2 hours of the surgery patientis mobile. It leaves very less/no scars.

Is Liposuction the same as Bariatric surgery?

Liposuction and Bariatric surgery are quite different from each other. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure through which unwanted body fat is to be removed in limited quantity (8-10 kg),whereas bariatric surgery is an operation that will bring substantial and sustained weight loss for morbidly obese person.

What is life like after surgery?

People consider surgery a troublesome thing but there is no major side effect after surgery. In fact, it becomes exactly the one that patients look for. The surgery simply enhances the health and makes life even better, active and energetic. It can give excellent result if patient observe healthy life style after surgery. Healthy food selection ,exercise and vitamin supplementation is part of after care.

What is the expected hospital stay for the surgery?

Usually hospital stay would be 2- 3 days only. It requires extra stay by one or two days very rarely. Total stay in India would be 7-10 days. Total down time would not be more than 7-10 days. Once the patient becomes capable of taking oral intake, the doctors discharge the patient.

What type of diet is recommended after the surgery?

The diet has different phases starting from liquids to pureed and further to soft diet. You will resume back to regular diet after surgery supported by significant weight loss.

When can I have children after the surgery?

It is advised to avoid pregnancy for approximately 12 months after surgery as it will be good for the nutritional health of patient and the newborn and also will avoid the stress of pregnancy. It is strictly advised to use contraceptive methods for first 12 months.

Will the obesity-related complications resolve after surgery?

Yes, gradually all complications will get resolved and the patient will improve health in case of type II diabetes, breathlessness,sleep apnoea, hypertension,high cholesterol,joint pain, PCOS- infertility .

How often i need to come for follow up?

As Bariatric surgery demands rigorous follow up, we advise our patients to meet us quarterly in the first year and twice in the following years. Out team helps you through email/telephonic follow up periodically.

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