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Mundane lifestyle, faster life and changing eating habits have led to chronic overweight and obesity issues all across the world. Obesity is nothing, but the accumulation of excessive fat in your body that in turn, leads to impaired health. Obesity, unfortunately, comes with some of the dismal and life threatening diseases. This adversity can be measured with the help of Body mass index (BMI).

According to the World Health Organization (WHO),

  • Overweight is defined as a condition where BMI> or = 25
  • Obesity is a condition where BMI> or = 30

Some of the key facts that revolve around obesity, all across the globe are:

  • Since 1980, the global obesity has reached more than twice
  • In the year 2014, there were more than 600 million obese people in the world
  • In the year 2013, there were 42 million obese children under 5 years of age
  • Obesity can be prevented

Asian Bariatrics is a Super Specialty, stand alone Hospital in India, which specializes in ailments associated with the gastrointestinal tract and obesity. At Asian Bariatrics, our experts take pride in delivering quality health to people who have given up on their well being. Our patients enter the institute with a myriad of hopes and leaves with umpteen promises of quality and healthy life. We offer our patients, not just safe and excellent surgical solutions, but also, a life that they have been dreaming of.

It goes without saying that technology and science has made some fantastic advancement in the field of medicine. Asian Bariatrics is a living example of technological and medical advancements. We offer advanced health care to our patients through precocious facilities and imported mechanism. Our well trained hospital staff and specialized OTs offer top notch medical solutions to our patients, while also taking care of their life on this risk-filled surgical procedure.

Asian Bariatrics is a committed Super Specialty Hospital that offers-

  • Best in class Innovation
  • Quality treatment to the patients
  • Top most technology and care
  • Clean and hygienic environment

What makes Asian Bariatrics different?

  • We allow our patients to recover completely in the personal proficient care of experts and medical team
  • We allow our patients to have a relaxing post-surgical phase in our institute
  • The rooms in our facility are equipped with all basic and advanced amenities required for the all-round recovery of a patient
  • The in-patients have a record of all-round, smooth and speedy healing
  • Our Post-Surgery follow-up team comes with complete dietic care
  • Asian Bariatrics takes pride in keeping the lifestyle record of patients even after 10 years of their surgery
  • We have a 24*7 IPD with experienced surgeons and doctors to take care of patients

We believe in offering a genuine chance to our patients to lead a healthy and happy life, while ensuring that their lifestyle doesn’t go back to what it was before. Our bariatric surgeons’ team comes from some of the best medical institutes and backgrounds.

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