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What is Obesity?
Accumulation of excess and unwanted fat on different parts of your body is defined as obesity. Many people believe that being overweight is same as obesity. However, even though the two terms can be used synonymously, but there lies a slight difference between them. World Health Organization (WHO), defines overweight as a person whose Body mass index (BMI), i.e., weight-for-height index, is more than or equal to 25. Obesity is a condition when the BMI is over or equal to 30. BMI is the most accurate and simple index for measuring obesity or body weight, since it is not gender based.

Obesity has nothing to do with your income
At some point of time, it is true that obesity remained a health condition archetypical to high income countries because of their living style and standard. Today, nevertheless, obesity and overweight conditions have nothing to do with income. The problem is found excessively in the middle income or low income countries as well.

Causes of Obesity & Over-Weight

  • Intake of high fat/ energy-dense foods
  • Increase in the physical inactivity due to monotonous or mundane lifestyle
  • Sedentary living style

It must be noted that a country’s societal and environmental changes play a vital role in impacting the aforementioned causes of obesity.

Health consequences of obesity

  • Cardiovascular diseases, primarily including stroke and heart attack- In 2012, this was the primary cause of deaths among people.
  • Diabetes- This has become one of the most common and chronic health disorders in the modern society.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders, primarily including degenerative joints diseases or osteoarthritis
  • A few kinds of cancers, including colon cancer, breast cancer and endometrial cancer

Corrective measures to treat obesity
Obesity of overweight is a condition, instead of a communicable disease. It is absolutely possible to revoke the condition with a few lifestyle changes.

  • At an individual level, one can-
  • Limit consumption of sugars and fats, which in turn, will reduce energy intake
  • Whole grains, nuts and legumes should be incorporated in diet, instead of high-calorie foods. Fruits and green vegetables will work as well
  • WHO recommends physical activity duration for adults and children, which is 150 minutes and 60 minutes, respectively

Bariatric Surgery
If nothing works, Bariatric surgery is one of the most common solutions. There are a few people who have reached at a devastating and fatal risk of life due to obesity and excess overweight condition. In such cases, bariatric surgery comes to reprise. Even though the surgery is life threatening, like any other medical surgical procedures, but the success rates of this surgery has surged over the past few years.
Asian Bariatrics is a super specialty institute in India that offers some of the top-notch solutions to the distressed obese. Our patients are provided a holistic approach and some of the best therapeutic solutions, along with safe and secure surgery, to lead a normal and healthy life. Your well being is our agenda and our team of medical experts strive for it.


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