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Diet for Losing Weight

Diet is basically the food and drinks that a patient should consume every day. Nutrition is closely associated with diet. When we say nutrition, it simply means, the sum of the processes by which an animal or plant takes in & utilizes food. Nutrition goes hand in hand with nourishment and it is not just confined to good diet. Diet and Health

  • Whatever you eat or drink affects your health
  • Healthy diet Nourishment and complete emotional, physical and mental wellness
  • Obesity uproots from high stress, larger meal portions and sedentary lifestyle

In short, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that food can be treated as medicines to lead a healthy and happy life. Foods that act as medicine to your body This table shows which food can behave like a medicine for your body and why you should eat it.

Foods Benefits

bringsdown serum triglycerides
consideredas a natural blood thinner

Green Tea

goodsource of antioxidants
protectscells, cellular components and tissues from Reactive Oxygen Species


effectivetreatment for nausea


Gives youhealthy skin
effectivein wound healing
controlsbad cholesterol and diabetes

The problem with our diet

  • Consumption of processed and canned foods
  • No variety of food is included in our diet
  • Annually, we add 2/3rd of the calories to our body from just 4 types of foods, viz. Rice, Wheat, Soy and Corn
  • Fast lifestyle is compelling people to eat fast food, convenient food and prepared food
  • Fast paced life is disconnecting humans from the pleasure of savouring sumptuous and nutritious meal
  • People are eating for speed and convenience today; not for pleasure and health
  • No attention is given to the foods we eat
How to get started with the right diet?
  • Focus on what not to eat; instead of what to do
  • Follow a simple dietary mantra- vegetables, fruits and whole grains

Top 7 things you should follow in your diet

What to Do? How to Do?
Eatvariety of food

Add colorsto your diet
Includefoods like dairy products, seeds, legumes, sea food, fish, whole grains,vegetables & fruits
Add anarray of food to each category. Example, whole grains could include barley,rye, oats, wild rice, whole wheat
Every foodhas certain nutrients. Adding variety will give you a balanced approach.

Increaseintake of fruits & vegetables

This canhelp you in preventing mounting number of diseases
Eatseason’s fruits
Consumefruits with low sugar content, such as, Kiwi, Papaya, Apple, Orange andGrapes

Choosewhole grains

Do not eatprocessed whole grains because multiple nutrients are lost while processingthem.
Eat themin their raw stages, in natural form, without processing

Incorporatebeneficial fats to your diet

IncludeOmega 3 & Omega 6 in right proportion.
Sources ofOmega 6 are butter fat, animal fat and corn oil. Do not have predominance ofOmega 6 in your diet. This leads to body inflammation
Sources ofOmega 3 are oils from nuts and seeds, oil from fish, olive oil, avocado oil,canola oil and flaxseed oil. These oils have anti-inflammation effects onbody
Changeyour cooking oil every month

Drinkplenty of water

Includegreen tea to your diet
Takefruits that are rich in water content, such as water melon
Drink atleast 10-12 glasses of water everyday

Controlcravings and portions

Focus onwhen, why and what do you eat
Differentiatebetween hunger and craving
Avoideating while driving, watching TV or standing up
Chew thefood properly and eat slow
Eatsmaller meal portions
Say no toprocessed foods like pizza and biscuits

Saygoodbye to trans fatty acids

Man madefats are called trans fatty acids
Avoidartificial sweetener and corn syrup
Avoidprocessed foods

By following the tables mentioned above, you are most likely to derive benefits and get the nourishment that is required.

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