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About Asian Bariatrics

The last two decades in India have brought in inundate of leisurely living. With all the pleasures of a sound and convenient living; there also have developed some dismal diseases. India today faces Obesity in academic proportions.
Asian Bariatrics, Super Specialty Hospital is the only stand-alone specialty institute in India that deals with all ailments related to obesity and gastrointestinal tract. Finding a solution for a rising displeasure is only innate for humans. We credit ourselves as being experts at delivering a healthy and well to do life. Our patients leave the premises with a promise of a better life and not just a good surgery. Read more

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  • New centre at Hyderabad for weight loss and diabetes surgery


    Gujarat based Asian Bariatrics, has recently inaugurated their new center.....

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  • Diabesitys is a growing worry


    Eighty percent of diabetics are Obese. With India going to lead the world in diabetes, the country is starting at...

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The Pioneers & Pillars

Dr. Mahendra Narwaria

Dr. Mahendra Narwaria is one of the pioneers of Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery in India, with the windexealth of more than a decade of experience...
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Dr. Mahendra  Narwaria

Dr. Sanjay Patolia

Dr Sanjay Patolia consultant and director at Asian Bariatrics Hospital, Ahmedabad, India is one of India's most acclaimed obesity surgeons with a vast...
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Dr. Sanjay  Patolia

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